Franklin Method

“How many of your thoughts are supporting what you want? How many of your thoughts are making you feel better? ”

The first Franklin Method workshop in Guatemala was taken place on  February 2015 at Antonio Luissi Dance Studio. Morten Dithmer gave us the honor to learn some basics about the method.  The Franklin Method is a system to improve your movement with the use of thought. Eric Franklin has studied the anatomy and biomechanic of the body to understand how movement works. Therefore we can dance ( or do any other sport) and not damage our body.

The idea of having a workshop of this method in Guatemala started because of the same reasons Eric franklin started to do reasearch and created the method, I was injuring myself too often. I started reading his books after my first knee operation and after that, and helping my body to heal with the support of my mind, I started to buy more and more books by Eric Franklin. Then I stopped using them and injured myself again, but this time I noticed that friends of mine, either dancers and other athletes, where having similar problems. So I decided to be more active and organize something for other people too. I was benefiting from the books and my own resources, but I think that this method is worth spreading, that was to me the best reason to have a workshop in Guatemala.

The first Franklin Method Workshop 2015

Second and third Franklin Method Workshop January 2016




To know more about the Franklin Method I recomend you to go to his website: . Here you can subscribe to his video newsletter and find more information about workshops around the world.

Here is a little more about his mehtod:

” Do you want to have a good life? Then you should learn the fundamentals of healthy movement”