“We all deserve to be kids”

This program starts as Grace started worndering whether dance can be more than a hobbie and really have a positive impact in somebody´s life. Taking the premise that it does and having experience a complete fullfillment herself while dancing, she started teaching and then taking dance to rural areas in Guatemala.


DancinGrace is a growing program aiming to take dance further than a studio in a dance academy. Starting with a farm (finca) in Santa Rosa Guatemala we are now working in a private school.

We are combining hip hop and jazz to introduce dance to a group of 35 kids living in this farm. The main objective is to use dance to stimulate them and encourage them to study and take ownership of their own education.


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Story told by Grace

I found this little school in a “finca” where there are around 50 kids. I made the proposal to the teacher at the school,whether kids would like to dance and now every week a group of 24-30 kids stay some extra time at the school to dance for an hour or two.

The class is focused on moving, dancing and sharing a good time. I take the dance moves and the dance class itself as a common ground to understand the kids and for them to have a healthy interaction between them. Also it is a great opportunity to make them laugh and have some clumsy time. Specially since I´ve come to understand the real situation of kids living in rural areas.

The life of a kid in the city, is not the same as a kid in a finca or in a little town. This kids have grown-up´s reasponsabilities. They have to help in their households with the cleaning and the maintainance of the house. The whole family is involve in washing, cleaning, coocking and taking care of the little memebers of the family, which is a good thing, because they learn how to survive and take care of themselves. This makes them more independant than kids in the city, but this also means that they have little time to behave like kids. They live a shorter childhood.

This is where dance kicks in. As much as dance is famous for giving discipline and responsability to those who practice it, it is also a great tool to get some selfconfidence, expresiveness and clumciness. By dancing with these kids I give them attencion, make them feel important and most of all we get some time to laugh and play with music and our bodies.


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