Grace Becker


Currently Grace is serving the Thomas Fellowship with the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory in New York. Her main focus is on using dance as a tool for human development and contributing to society. She is the Public Relationships director at the Organización para Las Artes at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Pioneer and graduate from the Michael Polanyi College of Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala on a BA with concentration in Dance Education and Entrepreneurship. She with other 17 students started breaking educational paradigms in 2012 and giving students the ownership of their own education. She is focused on improving the resources and platforms dancers have in Guatemala and bringing the professionalism of dance to a whole other level. At the same time she believes in the healing, empowering and changing powers dance can have on humans. So she has continued researching and putting together a set of tools to contribute to her community.

Recently she created her own internship in The University of Tampa at the Dance department under the mentorship of Susan taylor. She continues to guide her, particularly on the studies of the BrainDance. technique of movement pioneered by Anne Greene Gilbert.

In 2014 Grace hosted the first Franklin Method workshop and continues to host this workshop once a year. She is committed to organize education experiences for dancers and non dancers. Particularly this technique helps people´s health and connection with their mind and body, which is one of her main focuses in everything she does.  

In 2005 was when Grace started her encounter with the world of dance as we know it until now. Under the teachings of Antonio Luissi, she started developing and growing as a dancer. After encountering a couple of personal challenges and physical limitations, she was encouraged to look for an expansion of the art, which brought her to start teaching. Since then she has experienced in all types of environments. From the normal dance academies, to farms in remotes areas of Guatemala. At the same time she believes age is not a limitation to dance and currently her older student in 73 years old.

Grace is trilingual ( German, english and Spanish), she is very adaptable, dynamic and lively. She is also an artist and very resourceful person. She believes that what we have is enough to create greatness. So she has shifted from painting on canvases to painting on whatever she can find and enjoy the different sensations and textures that a process with the unusual can take you. This applies in art and in life.

If you want to know more about her and start a conversation, feel free to reach out.

You can ask for dance lessons and art experiences!