Launch a Rocket… or not

Today we had a beautiful rainy morning in Tampa. It was a perfect day to see mother nature “do her thing”. Nevertheless I decided not only to observe it, but to actually experience it. ( Although I didn´t know that I had decided that since the morning).

Taking advantage of the luxury that is a walk through the streets of Tampa, I arrived to the universit. Luckily for me it had stopped raining, but before I could find my right building my luck changed. I ran for like 2 min under the rain and entered the class room completely wet. Little adventure number one of the day had arrived to show me that: no matter how much we may plan how we are going to arrive to a place, the outcome is never certain.

Which brings me to adventure number two. A friend invited me over to go and see a rocket launch. I was definitely excited and didn´t know what to expect, except of course, the rocket to launch.  We drove for like two hours to get to the place to see this, stayed there and waited for the magic moment. 20 min before the launch, some people started to check how the launching process was doing, unfortunatelly the only news they found was that the launching of the rocket had been postponed to the next day.

Of course this was an unfortunate news. However, for reasons I don´t understand, it wasn´t as disappointing as I thought it was going to be. I could be complaining about the fact that we literary invested 5 hours of our afternoon on this adventure ( driving back and forth) and it is time that we will never get back, but the truth is, we were traveling at our own risk.

Life is allways uncertain. We do not control any outcome that we may get. Not even when the possibilities are stadistically high or when you have planned something and it seems like good wheater. Truth be told we really never know what will in fact happen, until it actually happens.

Today was a reminder of how it doesn´t matter how much we plan to “launch” or see the launching  of a rocket, It will never be certain that it will happen. Same happens with every little or big thing that we plan or expect. This happens in health, business, learning and even love. The only real thing to do is to make the best of the present moment. It will be part of our journey and as enjoyable or memorable as you make that moment, the less regrets you will have. Be it, every step I took in the rain today or every tree I admired on the road on our way to Port Carnaveral. Every Now is what counts. Breath into it and feel you heart beating.

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