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How is your Oxygen intake?

Have you ever thought of how is your oxygen intake? I usually think on how much water I drink. I count how many calories I am consuming. I think and reflect on how much I am exercising and how what I eat affects my body, but I cannot recall a moment in which I have counsciously ask myself of how much oxygen am I inhaling. How am I breathing? Am Iusing my lungs to their fullest potential?

It never occur to me that this is an important topic to think deeper about. I know that I need oxygen to live, but I am definitely a person that has taken it for granted. The book I started reading a couple of days ago adresses this question. As a matter of fact it is dedicated to this question. Pam Grout, on Jumpstart Your Metabolism: how to lose weight by changing the way you breath, adresses the issue that we do not talk enough about the basics of losing weight and living a fullfiling life, which to my surprise is all related to our oxygen intake.

We definitely adress the topic in general, but we are looking for solutions on the consequences and not on the causes of our overweight or lack of energy. We know that oxygen is good and yoga has done a great job with this. Also all the meditation gurus talk about breathing and how it is a great way to center yourself. Plus as simple as we cannot spend that much time withouth breathing (3 minutes to be precise).  “Breathing is the most underrated activity on the planet” and yet is the one that provides us the most energy, it is our “body´s chief cleansing tool”, it literaly transforms our cells from being fat storerers to fat burners, and these are just some of the examples she explains in her book.

Brething affects us in physical, psycological to emotional aspects of our lives. This is the key activity which determines our quality of life. I must confess, I have breathing problems and this book just made it obvious.

Yesterday, I counsciouly did some tests and exercises the book provides and ,Let me tell you, what a mind-blowing discovery it was. I do not breath deeply. I half breath and eventhough I luckyly like to live fully, I have noticed a lack of energy in my body and being in general. Also I´ve been fighting against 30 extra pounds that I have been carrying for a couple of years now. It had never occur to me that I am not providing my body with the right fuel, which is oxygen. Uncousncioulsly withholding my breath, creates stress in my body making it tense, stiff and produce cortisol.

After I did some of the exercises in the book, I felt better, which is as simple as if you take just one deep breath ( inflate your belly with the inhale and squeeze all the air out on the exhale) you will automatically feel better, but I focused on this for the whole day. (At least the most that I could and when I remembered.) My day was slow and emotionally heavy. There was a lot of selftalk in my head and I was seeking to connect to myself and breath. Just breath. I finish normal and well it was just one of those mellow days.

but TODAY. Today I feel a huge difference in my being. Allowing all that oxygen enter my body was miraculous. I think my body was grateful for the loving oxygen I was allowing to enter it. I´ve been actively doing all my chores ( that I had procrastinated for a couple of days too) and I feel happy  and excited to do what I have to do.

It is an amazing feeling and I am sure it was all because I focused a little bit more on this activity that I anyways have to do: breathing.

I have not finished reading this book and I don´t know if I am going to lose weight, but just feeling how I feel in this moment by allowing all the air to fill my body, makes it worth reading. I will give this a try and breath through it.

Have a deep breath.


Jumpstart your Metabolism: How to lose weight by changing the way you breath by  Pam Grout.