We are all in this world to leave it better than how we found it. In what ways can we add value?

What is your contribution?


Dance can change the world by changing individuals lives. In rural and underdevelouped areas of Guatemala education is a rare luxury. Kids deserve to have a better education and learn how to express themselves. DancinGrace is a project that is providing this platform for kids and adults. Click here for more.

Franklin Method

First Franklin Method Workshop in Guatemala
First Franklin Method Workshop in Guatemala

The franklin Method is improving lives all around the world. Through imagery and spreading the knowledge of biomechanichs this method is benefiting dancers and all types of athletes. We have the honor of experience this method in Guatemala too. Click here for more.


We live in a resourceful universe and the materials to create greateness are provided. In order  to represent this belief I am doing art with whatever I find. reusing materials that can be seen as trach I add value to it´s previous state with some creativity. Want to see more?

“Dance in the office”

Want to have a disruptive and unique experience at your work place? In the past years I have used dance in different settings to bring people together and create an experince in which all the members of the work place are included. If there is a message that you need to spread with the people that you work, or simply an eventful day to change the daily routine we can co-create a video to do exactly this.